problem - Attribute names are turned into lowercase

I noticed bootstrap studio forces lowercase in the attribute names. This is cumbersome because I was trying to add some particular js framework attributes that require camelcased names.

It would make my job much easier if bss allowed for camelcased attributes because otherwise I'd need to go after the exported html and change or add it manually, or write an export script. I think both are an overkill when it seems it's a very straightforward thing to do from bootstrap studio and I don't understand why would it limit my options?

Chrome automatically drops case to lower on attribute names, so the problem you are having has a rather wider scope and most likely won't end on BSS. Generally, HTML attribute names are considered to be case-insensitive and it is recommended (though AFAIK not required) to keep them lower-case. This sadly is not the thing with JS selectors in many frameworks, as their comparison is mainly case-sensitive.

Which framework are we talking about?