Problem that I could not know how to fix it

Hi all guys

I recently publish my site and when I saw in the iphone and appears a background on the right of the site.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks again

Post the link to your website.

It’s impossible to tell you what’s wrong with your code just by looking at a screen capture.

This is not a BSS issue, you need to check your code because your website does not fit in the browser window, there is a slider bar at the bottom which means you have margins out of whack somewhere. Check your code and if you get that all worked out let us know if that fixes your issue.

here you have

Thank’s for your help

Consider this a one-time favor…

You set a fixed with on an element with the ID #tech-container

@media (min-width: 300px)
#tech-container {
margin-top: -201px;
width: 779px;

If you override Bootstrap’s flexbox features at the mobile setting by setting a wider fixed width, naturally the page is going to render incorrectly.

(FYI - as jo-r pointed out, this has nothing to do with using the Bootstrap Studio program. Your question doesn’t belong in this forum category. In the future, I would suggest you post such problems on, where you will find many people who are more than happy to teach you how to correct mistakes in your code.)


First of all thank you for your advice.
I am a developer in other languages and I am very used to ask and answer questions in the forums of the programs I normally use.
I also thank you for your advice, but as I’m new to the program I don’t know or don’t know the tool well enough to know if my post is relevant or not.
if you are so annoyed and only think that it is possible to publish messages that you consider “appropriate” to the program, I suggest you put it somewhere and so those of us who have no idea (according to you) will know what to publish and what not…I also suggest that you explain it well on the web when you buy the tool…something like “You can find all your answers in our forum, but only if you know what you are asking, otherwise go to another site…”
and as a last point, and if my question bothers you so much, you could not answer and let others maybe help those who know less
Kind regards

You misunderstand.

I am not “annoyed” by your question.

However, (and you would not be aware of this), we have an ongoing, growing problem that the developers of Bootstrap Studio are not addressing, and that is that those of us who provide help to new users in the Forums are spending increasing amounts of our time answering general website development, coding, CSS and javascript questions that are being posted in the Help and How To category. This Help and How To category is supposed to be a dedicated place for people to get help with using the Bootstrap Studio software. It is not supposed to be a place for people to ask for general help with how to build websites, write code, or diagnose errors in their websites (which many forum users are understandably not interested in doing.)

I believe the developers are aware of the situation. We have repeatedly asked that a new forum category be created for questions like yours, but they are not responding to our requests.

So it’s not simply a matter of ignoring your question, it’s a matter of your question (and the answer) having nothing to do with using Bootstrap Studio. Thus it, and hundreds of similar type questions, belong in a separate forum category.

My hope is that the developers will see enough conversations like this one, and realize the necessity of creating a new category for general website development help that has nothing to do with using the Bootstrap Studio software.

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