Problem with last update [fixed in 2.2.0]

Hi! The last update make corrupt all my projects, when I save the proyects, I can´t open them again because the screen turns white and it doesn´t work. I'm using OSX Captain

Please answer me asap


Sorry to hear that you've run into problems! Can you send me one of the .bsdesign files via email (you can see our address on our contact page)? We have a release planned later today and we can include the necessary bug fixes for this issue.

Yes, i send u the file now


Got it. The issue is that you have lots of images in the design you sent me, and until now Bootstrap Studio didn't work well with large bsdesign files (this issue has always existed, it wasn't introduced in the latest version).

I am happy to report that we've fixed this problem, and you will be able to open all your files when your Bootstrap Studio updates later today - none of your work has been lost.

Oh really thanks!

Awesome support team

I experienced this issue too, I restarted BSS and it worked.

Nice to know this is an issue resolved. Awesome developers, thx Martin.