Problem with Linked Components [fixed in 4.0.3]

With Bootstrap Studio 4, I have noticed that when you Link Components, only the original page it was created on will allow editing of the component. With other pages, clicking on any part of the Linked Component does nothing. This happens with Bootstrap 3 or 4 pages created with Bootstrap Studio 4.

With Bootstrap Studio 3, you could edit the component on any page and it would update the rest. Also, if you are working on a website created originally using Bootstrap Studio 3, while you are in Bootstrap Studio 4, those Linked Components on any page can be edited.

I also just noticed that when you use Paste Linked on a different page, that Linked Component will be inserted at the bottom the page and it cannot be moved to anywhere else on the page.

So it appears that any Linked Component is not able to be edited in any way. That is, the component itself or the location on the web page.

I'll chime in and add that this doesn't seem to be the case for already established linked components that were linked prior to the update. Just did some updates to a couple websites that have static info on their sidebars that are on all pages. Those all updated as they should when I changed them.


All the Link Components do update with mine also. The problem (not a big one but different from Bootstrap Studio 3) is that you can only edit them on the original page where they were created.

As for my second post, I was just editing my website now and noticed that even though the Linked Component will be inserted at the bottom of the page, it can be moved to anywhere else on the page. Yesterday, this was not the case. I guess restarting my computer had something to do with this.

haha the old "restart the computer trick!" lol. Glad that part is working for you now at least. To be totally honest, I couldnt' tell you what page I created a linked item from originally lol, simply because, as you stated, it didn't matter before. In actuality, if it is supposed to be like it is now for you (haven't tested it to see if it does that to me yet) that is how it really "should" have worked from the start so that you could have a page full of nothing but linked items without other content, to use as a sort of master page.

Curious myself to know if this change is something that was initiated or accidental or ... I'll test it shortly myself to see if it does it to me so we can see if it's an isolated incendent or not too. I'm on a Mac, not sure what you're on but that might make a difference too.


I use a Windows 10 PC.

It isn't a big problem, it's just different from Bootstrap Studio 3. It would be interesting to see what Martin says about this.

One other thing I noticed. Before the conversion to Bootstrap 4, my website had a number of linked components. After the conversion, the components were still there but not linked anymore. So every page had to be fixed to link them again. Not a big problem, except when you have a lot of linked components and a lot of web pages like I have. And I'm still working on it. Seems like an eternity! Well, maybe not that long, but it's been 8 hours or more.

Thank you for reporting this issue! We included a fix in version 4.0.3 that was just released. Hope this is resolved!

Thanks Martin for the fix. After installing the update, I did a lot of linked components and no matter what page I was on, I could edit the linked component. Thanks for the quick response and fix.

Thanks much Martin!