Problem with Publish, Angular JS, and Bootstrap Animation.

When I finish my project, I want to tell my client how the site looks like but some of the app.js and style.css I'm importing and writing are not getting them when i publish, the project is 3 MB animations and some beautiful pictures with a good style I give it not coming, please help me and tell me what to do. The same problem is occuring even when I export the project to my folder. Yes, I have to open the project with Sublime Text 3 to change the location of the file because it is not generating its own then it will be functional on my original domain. I also have a question where I can place my domain to be published directly on my domain without getting tired of submitting it to other subdomains. I also have problems with Angular JS, BootStrap Studio does not accept to import Angular JS scripts and scripts that I create and write to. This application needs a lot of upgrades, so my dream is to include the Angular JS package, Node JS and the bigger idea is to have the ASP.NET package. Thank you very much, hope to help.