Problem with slider

I´m trying to make my own website, I´m using the simple slider and the dynamically queue video which can be downloaded but for some reason the slider isn´t working anymore as soon as I drop the other component.

Since I made the Dynamically Queue Videos downloadable component, I took a look at this and it appears the issue is related to the order of JavaScript scripts.

Since I used a new project to test with, I can only tell you the order you will need to adjust the scripts to be in for these 2 components to work together.

First, in the BSS app on the bottom right in the Design pane, you will need to right click on the JavaScript menu and select the option for "Include Order..."

The first 2 you can not change the order so the others should be in this order then.

  2. Simple-Slider.js
  4. Dynamically-Queue-Videos.js

One things to note, the BSS app will only show the order in alphabetical order you have to view the order in the Include Order tool.


Wow, thanks a lot !!!! that worked really well

Honestly though, the more correct order should be that the external JS calls should come before the local JS files.

For instance this would be more correct and I tested that it does in fact work.

  3. Simple-Slider.js
  4. Dynamically-Queue-Videos.js