Problem with URLs importing page

What I did:

  • My site has a blog located in a subfolder “Blog”

  • I have content in a local headless CMS

  • I have created a working article-page which contains a Navbar with two dropdown-menus

  • I have exported the page to a local folder

  • The exported page serves as a template for the actual content

  • A script generates the blog-sites based on the BS-Page with the content from the CMS

  • Re-Import the generated files

This works perfectly well (in Studio as well as in the exported local folder) except for one thing:

The drop-down menus don’t work any more on 127.0.01:8000.

On inspecting the code, I have noticed that all references in HEAD locally point to …/assets/WHATEVER.
This is still the case within Bootstrap-Studio.
When I preview the page on the actual paths point to /WHATEVER
I suspect that somewhere here lies the problem, why the dropdown-menu does not work.

Although all other pages use the same paths, without issues regarding the dropdown-menu (including those in the sub-folder).

Can anyone point me in the right direction?