Problems exporting my files

Hello, I have started working on Bootstrap and since I have been doing some designs or even using the ones that already have built in, but when exporting them to use in other projects I am doing, it exports me bootstrap.min.css and when I call it in My html document distorts everything I already have, I would like to know if there is any way I can export all the css code in a stylesheet other than bootstrap.min.css. Sorry for my bad English

Go into the export settings and uncheck the minify option and that should fix that up. I did this a while back too and didn't know what was wrong lol. Good luck!

Where do I find this configuration? I have turned the whole program and I can not find it

Look for the export button and where that is there is a little arrow to the right of it that you had to use to setup your export location. Open that window and it's at the bottom of the Export tab. It's a toggle button, just turn it off there and you should be all set.

I do not get that option, I give it in export and what it does is that it sends me directly to the folder where I want to save it, help please

I'm trying to help lol, but you're not seeing what I'm reading correctly I think. So Heres a screenshot to show you:

Export button dropdown arrow

Toggle button to turn off minifying files

enter image description here

Exactly but I do not get that

You need to update your version of the app. You're quite a bit behind. It doesn't look like that anymore and hasn't for quite some time.

@hardwell - is your copy of BSS a legit version or cracked version?

If it's a legit version I suggest renewing your licence and updating to latest build as per jos comments and if it's a cracked version I suggest deleting it and going legit.