Problems with Undo

I'm not sure what's going on, but it seems like I'm having a whole lot of issues with Undo going way past the last edit. I've watched it right in front of my face undo at least 4 or more things all at one time. I don't know if it's a lag thing or what, because there seems to be a lot more lag in the program than there was before. There's many times when I change something I have to wait a while before it finally let's me continue, acts as if it were waiting on the browser window to reload, even though I don't have one open for it at that time.

Something is definitely quirky here, not sure if those things are tied together or not, but I've had to redo a lot of changes that I've made over the past couple days and I've not had to do this before so I'm going to assume it's something that happened with the update.

I wish I had more information for you, but it's just a sporatic thing where it will just undo a bunch of changes at once. Wouldn't be so bad, but you really don't always know it did it till you go back to look at something that you are sure you fixed, and it's not fixed. hums the twilight zone theme

Does this happen on every design or a specific one? It sounds like a slow down might be causing this.

Good question, I'll test it some more this morning shortly as I have to work on a different project today than I have been on. This was mostly in one project when I wrote this up originally. I'll check a few different projects out today and see if it still does it. I don't doubt that it's a slow down causing it, the app has been running slower at times and gets almost locked up after it's been running for a while. When I first start on it within a half hour or less it will usually shut right down when I turn it off. If I run it an hour or so it takes sometimes 30 seconds or more for the app to shut down. Doesn't seem to matter if there is a project open or not (tested that part already). Something ain't right there, but that's been that way since I started using it, it's not a new issue and I did report it quite a while back that it was doing that. I think I was asking if there might be a memory leak or something (not sure what), as it acts like a memory leak, but then I don't know what other things might act like that lol.