Products not linking correctly in store


I’m having trouble with the products linked from the reflow store.

On the website store, the original product I added is fine, but when you click on any of the additional five products, they all link to the original product.

Please can someone help?

Many thanks

You need to make the Product dynamic so that it takes the product id from the URL. To do this:

  1. Open product.html in Bootstrap Studio.
  2. Select the Product component.
  3. In the Options Panel on the top right go to Data Source and set Product Type to “Dynamic” and the URL Parameter to “product”.


Thanks Gabriela,

I checked and it was already set as you say. I didn’t need to change anything. Still the same problem…

Stop flooding the forum with useless comments and wait for ur reply from person who will know how to help u

I’m hardly flooding the forum and there’s no need to be rude

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I checked the link you provided again and it seems to be working correctly now. I’m guessing an old version where the product wasn’t dynamic was cached.

Hi Gabby,

Yes, it happened to be a simple clearing of the cache that did it, many thanks for your help.

Something you might want to try while developing is to run your browser in an incognito window to cut down on caching.

Thank you, I will do that from now on.