Program crashing again, not the first complaint!

I opened the program, started working and it started making absurd demands on the computer, I went to check it and here in the image is the answer.

In this screenshot, the program had already been closed.

An absurd consumption of machine resources, this needs to be corrected.

I really hope this is resolved, I turned on the computer, opened the program, started working and everything stopped.

This happens to me randomly as well, and I can never figure out what exactly triggers it. I believe it’s a memory leak where BSS just starts to use up more and more available free ram, eventually slowing down the computer. Normally, I have to restart my computer to get it back to normal. I have most often encountered it when opening icon libraries, when editing page properties (like titles and descriptions), and when I have the Preview open in a browser. That pretty much always slows things down, but that’s also a computer resources thing.

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I’m not experiencing this on MacOS Sonoma. (Apple Silicon)

Just contributing to diagnostics :grin:

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I am on Windows 10 and use a taskkill command to shut down “Bootstrap Studio.exe” from my desktop after I am done using the program.


I’m glad to know it’s not an O.S. thing, because I’m having the issue on Windows 7.

IIRC, it seemed to start somewhere around the 5.8x version of the program. There were subsequent versions where the problem seemed to get worse, and others where it got better, but it’s never entirely gone away. I still encounter it at least once or twice with every ten uses of BSS.

I’ve just gotten into the habit of launching Windows task manager (set to launch via a custom mouse button) every time I quit BSS to make sure there are no “hung” instances of Bootstrap Studio.exe. If I forget to do this, I can usually tell there’s a hung instance by looking at my CPU temps, because they’ll be running 5-7 degrees hotter than normal.

Yes, we are aware of the issue. Our investigation points that it happens when the icon dialog is loaded. For some reason electron doesn’t like displaying a large number of SVGs. We are making optimizations and hopefully this will be resolved in our upcoming update.