Program Not Responding

I've loaded up Clean Sky and all of the pages (probably doesn't matter).

On the index.html page, I have all of the Sections minimized down to one line (actually has a Section and /Section showing [also probably doesn't matter]).

When I click on the Sections in order going down the sections appear 1per click, np. However, when clicking these same Sections from bottom to top, the even clicks are non-responsive and the section does not show in the app (editor).

I just thought this was a bit odd. Can anyone else verify this? Hopefully I have explained the problem well enough.

Yes, verified and a little odd.

Hopefully this bug is an easy fix. I certainly wasn't expecting something this simple and important to crop up given the overall quality of the code.

This makes editing different parts and sections a little difficult cause you don't always get what you expect (click on) and it causes quite a bit of disorientation.

Given that you can't go directly to a section to edit directly without clicking around a bit to get to where you want to be, I'd certainly say it's a major issue with minor consequences.

But, certainly this bug should be an easy fix. Some process or method that's run on exit is blocking the next click so it seems.

Thank you @Twinstream for verifying this.

I'm waiting for one of the devs @martin to acknowledge this behavior and hopefully get it fixed in the next release.

I don't know if this is only happening on windows or globally on every OS, but its fix is going to have to be tested anyway.

Thank you for the report! It will help us a lot if you can show us a simple screen recording of the issue. An app like can help you record it.

I'm not sure if this is what you're talking about or not, and I don't know exactly when/how it started so unfortunately I don't know how to reproduce this either, but I've noticed over the past couple updates that the preview window does not always reset to what is selected in the Overview pane. Sometimes I have to click a bunch of things to finally get something to respond and the preview window to readjust to show what's selected. Happens a lot, that much I can say, just not sure when/how it started or if there's something that triggers it or if it just happens randomly, just a lot.

IF that IS what they are talking about, then it also expands to the Mac version as well.

Hey, guys! The Preview window doesn't readjust when the component you've selected (or even a part of it) is visible in the window. But you are right that it is a little confusing sometimes, so we will work on improving this in the next releases.