Project Based Paramaters and File-Handling

As mentioned in "Bug -Reports" - in my View - the Handling of Project Parameters and File Handling need to be redesigned: Project Version "Bootstrap 4.0 Beta 2" in "Bug Reports" - Tree

This will target

  • Project-File-Name - depending on project - filename
  • Export Folder
  • Viewport Settings
  • Location of of custom Scripts e.g. <script>my_global.js</script>
  • Project-File-Name - depending on project - filename
  • ...

I will extend this thread with details. Just now i started it to provide the cross-links to each other thread. ...


Wow, that’s quite a lot of work around for something that you just change in the app lol (laughing with you not at you).

Just right click the page name in the Pages list, There you’ll have tabs (sorry waiting on computer fix so I can’t look to see what each tab is called), but the first tab has the place you enter your page’s title in, as well as other tabs that are “specific page” based.

Hope that helps!

:-D +1

OKI - sometimnes it's so easy - I was searching sometimes for that, but did'nt check the Page's properties ;-) Probably i should have watched all Tutorial Videos in deep, as i did not find it in written version...

OKI, Finally, it's left, that users know, now how to change it in live version

And for those, searching for that Properties, they know now also.

But of course: It's belonging to the page! (Y)