Projectfile in the cloud


There's one idea I've thought of lately, that perhaps Bootstrap Studio users will benefit from. The idea is to allow users to save their projects in the BSS Cloud. Which allows me to reach the project from multiple computers.

Until now I have saved the project file together with the exported files on Github, which makes it accessible from anywhere. But perhaps a project file in the cloud would make things a bit easier. Especially for people like me, that work on the same project on 2 computers. One at work and one at home.

Thoughts regarding this idea?

Well that's storage and bandwidth that someone has to pay for. There are free cloud storage options out there (Google drive, Dropbox) that would probably fit the bill.

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If you have a Mac, it's called iCloud. If you have Windows, it's prolly called something else... :-)

And there's also Google Drive which you can hookup to your system and will function as a folder.

But, doing that way, it will be hardworking still.
We would have to Upload here and download there at each update.

I don’t see how, Google drive, Dropbox, creative cloud, one drive all sync automatically. So no work at all.

Totally useless idea since git is the best solution and u can fully automated it, so waste of time and totally useless for rest of users , not really worth it idea