Proposed UI change involving the Reset All feature that I am "bumping" again

I just posted this in the previous thread, but in the hope it will get some dedicated love from the developers, I’ve also decided to make it a separate post.

FWIW, it has been discussed in a past forum post, and was even acknowledged/agreed to by @martin, but I guess it fell off the radar. We all know what they say about “the squeaky wheel…” so:

The main reason I’m requesting this is because I have often accidentally “Reset All” when I just meant to expand the Options on a section. The expand arrow and the “Reset All” text are simply too close, IMO.

Bump. Now that Bootstrap 5 is out, maybe this will get some love? :pray: :innocent:

I’m so tired of accidentally “resetting all” when I just want to expand a section.

Bumping this again @martin. Seems like such a simple change, but as I’m not a software developer, I don’t know what’s involved.

If changing the UI layout is too much work, then at least could we have a user dismissable (ie. “don’t show this again”) warning dialogue box confirming that you do actually want to “Reset All”? I HATE when I accidentally hit Reset All when I just mean to expand the section, and then don’t notice that I hit it until 5 minutes later (by which time I’ve already done 50 other things, so using ctrl-z to go back becomes impractical.)

The reset all feature is great, but it’s too easy to accidentally lose a LOT of work with it.

We are working on a related feature that will result in the arrow being moved to the left to make room for additional buttons on the right. Should be part of one of our next updates.

Still I have to mention that you don’t have to click the arrow to expand, clicking the group name works the same.

Oh wow, I had no idea you could do that. There are so many little features that are not immediately apparent. Thanks for the tip. This totally solves my issue.