Provide a way to load a JSON asset/file

It would be nice to add a "data" category in the design panel that allows json files to be imported, created, edited. The JSON files could be edited within BSS by using

The icing on this cake would be to add an optional global variable name to the file's meta info which BSS would then automatically inject the json to the global variable from the file.

This would make it really easy to add data to a project.

What is the benefit of this? And would it be beneficial to the BSS community or just for your own unique usecase.

This is not a tool for creating JSON files so I dont see how this will get implemented.

I can certainly just get JSON from an API or just load json into a js file. I guess this is a nice to have. I often use json to set configurations of an application to make it easier later to make certain adjustments. Another use is providing data for things like lists and tables. I almost never hardcode anything but that's just me.

certainly a "nice to have" idea

Ok - I see there is benefit for prototyping dashboards and such to display data but if it is possible to do through js I'll give that a look too ?

Thank you for starting this thread!

As Chris said, this is a highly specific use case. We have to be very selective when adding new features, as we don't wan't to complicate the application for users. In your case, maybe hosting the JSON externally, and linking it with some JS in your web app would be a good workaround.

Host the JSON externally then link with some JS in web app. This tool might be helpful as well: JSON formatter

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Hello, I found this thread while trying to figure out how to add other assets into BSS. In my case, I have created my own font icons files svg to use the same way we use the glyph icons - yes, we can make our own! But I cannot use them inside bootstrap studio. ;-( One of several methods is a free tool called The output to use in my web design is: - a fonts folder (that contains an .eot, .svg, .ttf, .woff) - a .css file - a .json file This particular tool does let you link to your own creations, but I prefer to have all of my assets downloaded.

This would be a fantastic feature for BSS! I like to hand-code. BSS does a nice job of letting me design visually but manage how I want my HTML and the export is very nice too. ...I actually worked for the company that created the "first" HTML editor - HTML Assistant Pro - way back in 1993!!! As I find myself getting back into some web development work I was very pleased to come across such a fine tool! ...Much better than Adobe's methods! Well done! ;-)

I cant believe this has not been done its been years since its been requested :(

I am very interested in having this ability. I'm using Bootstrap Studio to work on a full-featured web app. I've got sample JSON that I need to have the page populate from but currently I have to Export the entire page in order to run it along side the API code. I'd like to be able to just create a folder structure of json files that emulate the API responses so my web designers can be independent of my API developers.

I think you have an awesome product, but I really think there are a few major roadblocks to it being used on larger data-driven web apps. This being the #1 item. Thank you for your continued development of this tool!

OMG I know you just said "you can see the benefit" BUT man we/BXM work in JSON all the time. Working with a JSON file is like soooo easy and consider this improve/extend SEO, quickly build profiles, objects, the list goes on 4 ever. Again omg the ideas are overloading my brain LOL, Just consider this, most downloads from like code canyon come with a JSON parameter file. Set your parameters i.e. JS, CSS, LESS files, Options for the Thing your building into BSS. If there was a way to ingest this, all you would need to do is build a "plugin" folder, add the plugin zip, expand it. Then in BSS where you have add JS, CSS etc you could add an option under JS which says import from a JSON file, point to the JSON Parameter file and all the info needed for say a Component would be dynamically added. In addition any files which are needed that are outside BSS normal scope of import would be available and would only reside in the plugin file. Separating any chances of breaking BSS by manually adding them. Oh and I'm sure there would be a way BSS could dictate the JSON file formats. Giving you the control you want or maybe a simple mapping tool like you have currently in adding a component section. Once again managing any issues with security, breaking, minimize your exposure from a liable position if the "plugin" developer isn't building with good standards etc..

I using JSON SVG animation. Can't load the JSON file. Very sad.

Voting this up!

I would like to even outline a more general approach, since JSON is only one possible ressource file frequently used.

Features: - ability of adding common/multipurpose assets folder(s) besides the predefined Styles, JavaScript, Fonts, Images folders - ability to import . files instead of only some predefined file-extensions - ability to edit text-files using the internal text-editor ( I can absolutely live without any fancy autocomplete of highlights, even though it would be beneficial ) - ability to use (and maintain) links / urls to those files either to offer them for download, or - like JSON etc. to use with JavaScript

Usecases: - JSON as an example is used by many i18n or l10n libraries for interface-translations and such. Very helpful, if you can maintain your translation-key storage from there - provide a product-manual or marketing whitepaper for download (PDF) - provide a press-kit for download (ZIP) - add a video - add an audiotrack

I have to say, every other GUI development environment I have used in the past 5 - 10 years has provided a way to easily and quickly load dummy/test data for layout rendering testing. This is a righteous PITA to have to set up a completely separate web server just to serve a file that you could just load directly and serve with the built in preview server if you only provided a way for us to add one easily. You do not even need to provide an editor, I would rather edit it with Sublime Text or Intellij anyway.

Thank you for all the feedback guys! We will work on adding JSON support in our upcoming releases since there clearly is demand for this.

Here is a resource location for file conversions of a million different types. Our interest was to get an excel spreadsheet into BSS projects, via JSON. We have the JSON and are now trying to figure out how to apply it. Here is the link: Anyone that has a step-by-step for including the JSON file into BSS, please let us know. We have the need for 4 separate ones within the project. Thanks guys/gals for any input.

Adding my vote as a comment (can’t find an explicit way to do so). I am creating a simple login using Keycloak that requires a json config file be loaded into the same directory as the html pages. SO when you do add JSON support, please don’t limit where we can upload it to. thanks!

JSON was added a few releases back (alongside mjs modules). It can only be created in the JavaScript group in the Design panel though.

Thanks Martin. I discovered it myself shortly after posting. Love BSS! Do wish the docs were more comprehensive so that I didn’t have to rely so much on forum posts such as this which may contain out-of-date info.