Publish and no purgeCss?

I have bought this software, because i thought you will care about all the usual stuff i am bored from doing. Finally i have managed the upload, but there is still the 160kb-file. Please let me know how to add a “production-mode” for uploading.

Also it would be nice to have any log or feedback, when the connection/upload doesnt work.
I have set /htmlroot to 777, but the program was not able to add a dir “assets”; after doing this manually i can upload/publish now. Is there any log/feedback like i have it in my normal sftp/ssh uploader?

Thank you.

What do you mean about 160 kb? A single bootstrap.css file is larger than 200 kb, because it has all components active by default. If you expect a smaller size, you have to optimize it manually via SCSS.

I don’t use the BSS upload feature myself, but you should find any log you want on server side (here about SFTP server). However, a 777 permission is a very bad idea (should be 755 for the directories); any user having access to the server is able to modify your public tree… Oops!