Publishing not working after update

Hi. After today's update, I cannot publish. I'll get the "Publishing your website.." snackbar but then just sits there. It was working fine this early morning before the update.

I have something similar, after update, my exports stopped working. now im stuck, cant export projects out of Bootstrap.

Thank you for reporting these issues. We released an update - 4.5.3 that should resolve them. You can upgrade to it right away.

Yup, exporting works with 4.5.3! thanks


Hi there. Since I updated to 4.5.3 today, I can't publish my website anymore. I've got the same issue as rvehall, but with the latest update. “Publishing your website..”- snackbar just sits there... PS: Preview-Function works as usual.

You might want to open a new thread...

you are quite buried and the first to have any problem with the latest bugfix.