publishing on custom domain issue

Hello Guys, I am about to publish the web on my domain. I did following.

1) I have successfully transferred "" to Cloudflare and I got the "Status Active" confirmation email. So this is done.

2) creating the DNS record:

a) I deleted the the original "CNAME" record (I don't know if this was something I was to supposed to do, I can recover the record just in case)

b) by clicking on "Add Record" I have create a new record, new line

c) I have filled out the field "Name" with my domain name ""

d) I have filed out the field "Target" with ""

e) I tried to save the new record and I got a message "An A, AAAA, CNAME record already exists with that host. (Code: 81053)"

Guys I guess I have done it more or less according to the required process however I am struggling to get it done. Would you please help me? Thank you very much Skip

If you've followed the steps, then it's likely due to caching. It can take a few hours for your DNS changes to take effect.

Hi @skip

How did you manage this error?
I’m facing the same problem since trying to add second website.