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Hi. I purchased a template (Bayone) from theme forest and have no idea how to install it in the Bootstrap Studio software. I am running 6.4.5. I was told to install the “compiled CSS” file however there are several css files in the theme folder. Can someone guide me as to how I can install this template?

I appreciate the help in advance.

~ JP

It’s not especially clear on Bootstrap Studio’s main website, but the software does not allow you to “install” a theme you purchased from a third-party (like Theme Forest) into Bootstrap Studio.

Bootstrap Studio DOES support the importing of website assets (HTML files, CSS files, JavaScript files and images) but you cannot add it so that it appears as one of the available templates from which you can built a new website.

Here are the relevant docs on importing pre-made websites (like the one you purchased.)

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Thanks for the info. Yes, I see that now. I downloaded the template from theme forest because it stated it would work with “Bootstrap”, I guess my misunderstanding was that bootstrap and bootstrap studio are not the same thing, so that’s lost $$. I am looking to create a site that functions like this wordpress theme: Enfold Parallax – Just another Kriesi.at Theme Demos Sites site. I am curious if I am able to create something similar in Bootstrap studio. I haven’t seen many sites created with BS and am wondering what the capabilities are of it.

Is this dialog that you search?

This one is for Bootstrap color themes.