PWA working on * sites

Thanks to a friend’s help, I won’t mention the name without his permission, I managed to make a site that works perfectly with pwa, it’s still a draft, but the results were excellent.

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Looks like we are both in development of PWAs!

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I wonder how your button would look if you created a transition on the gradient?

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On the website page there is already a button like this, it would be the same, but I think I’ll put a link in the website menu

There is a way to replicate it but on the CloudFlare servers I uploaded my pages to CloudFlare with Pages.Cloud and the domains are but when he published the page in the PWA system works great but when he exported the same page and the I upload to CloudFlare and open the page does not work does anyone know why?

Cloudflare with Github, for Chrome browser

how did you do (I tried but the PWA is not activated)

I did what you asked, I went to Github I link it with CloudFlare and publish the file and the page works but the PWA does not work should I do a special configuration?

I can help you, but only on tuesday

Perfect on Tuesday I write to you privately. to give you my WhatsApp. I made some changes in the manifest that I want to share with you.

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