Quantity and/or Image storage limits?

Building my site...lots of images.

Already have imported about 250 images...198 Mb.

Adding more images confirms that the image or images were imported. When I try to SAVE...the SAVE button comes up soon as if it was done, but it is not GREYED-OUT. The session was not saved. And I can't save it.

Restart program...work lost. I try to import one file...says it was done. Tried to SAVE. Same Fail. Restart program. Tried a small text edit. Clicked SAVE...it worked.

Tried import of an image again...sais it was completed...but SAVE fails the same way again.

Are there limits for the number of images or limits on the total file size for all images?

Shouldn't be my system. Running i9-7980 w/64 Gb RAM and all SSDs. 1070 sli graphics. Cutting edge system.

Help Please.


If that 198 MB is just images (which it most likely is for the most part) you are definitely not resizing your images as they should be. Your images should not be anywhere near that size of a total. Most of your images unless they are full background page images should be less than 100 kb or within a close range to it if possible. That could be half your problem there, you're expecting the software to handle way too much of a workload.

Having said that, I don't know if that's the issue, but someone else posted a bug with image issues in the past couple days or so also, you may want to find that post and add a reply to it and reference your thread here.

I don't know what I was thinking. Well...was not thinking at all. I was so into the configuration of the site that image sizes was the last thing I was looking at in my tweaking.

So sorry. It was an issue with too many over-sized images.

A little automated resizing in Photoshop dropped the offending images file sizes considerably. Studio is much more responsive.

Thanks for pointing me in that direction.

And I'm off.


You're quite welcome, glad it was an easy fix for now, but ...

I truly would still suggest you find that thread and link yours to it as it still seems to be a limitation which will get some people at some point, especially if someone is doing a site that surrounds a lot of photography or artwork as their business and they need many more hundreds of photos than you had. Eventually it's going to hit that MB mark again and be a problem I'm thinking. Just a thought. Good luck!