Question about bootstrap with any other backend softwares

Is it possible to create a backend with either firebase or any other backend software with bootstrap studio in order to make a full dynamic website?
If yes, how can i do it.

With the program functions you create your frontend. There are a few additions for managed backend services for e-commerce or form processing. However custom backends can be connected in the traditional way via JavaScript.

Create a new Script for it, fetch data from your external data source and assign it to appropriate HTML elements.

If it gets more complex, you can simplify the handling with frameworks like React or Vue. To some extent, these libraries can also be integrated into Bootstrap Studio, but you should be well versed in JavaScript for that.


The easiest way: hire Wordpress

Design a layout in Bootstrap Studio, then build a website template using your layout components.


Make soup as they say out of the exported Html pages using Pythons BSoup module. Not hard to open each file turn it into parsable soup, add, delete, change anything in the soup and then put it in a new file with new extension in the right spot. “We called him Tortoise because he taught us”

And templating is simply removing html to another file, and inserting blocks where it is blank now using templating language. Great feature of Boostrap Studio is the paste link. Paste link the html you have to remove to another new file. On the first file Python pulls it out and put in the templating block code using your hook code comments, data attributes, classses etc. Then on the template page everything outside the html block is removed and the code is traspiled more to fit the templating language. Pretty neet.

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for me, once the design is done in the bootstrap studio, I convert it to a WordPress theme to make it dynamic.


That is very helpful by the way

i get it and i will try that