Question or suggestion about the BSS Map component and lazy loading

I’m actually not sure if this is more of a suggestion or an inquiry, but there are two way to embed a Google map in a BSS website.

  1. Using the BSS Misc > Map component, which requires are bit of legwork (you have to generate an API key) and it only includes a limited set of options.

  2. go to Google Maps, search for your location, and then use Google’s own iframe embed method, which generates an HTML code which you can then put into your site using the Misc > Custom Code component. You can modify settings within this code as well, and one thing I notice is that the last part of the HTML includes loading="lazy" at the very end, which presumably stop the browser from loading the map until the person actually scrolls to the point where it becomes visible on the page.

This, to me, would seem to be a significant advantage in terms of page-load speed, unless BSS Map component already does this by default. I’m sure it’s possible to figure this out via F12 developer tools, but I thought it would be worth just posting the question in the hope that @martin or one of the other devs or users who’s more familiar with this might be able to answer this outright.

If the BSS Map component does not offer this loading="lazy" capability, then I would ask that the devs consider this post a formal feature request that it be added.

Can any of the developers shed any light on this question? @martin @gabby

Thank you for the suggestion! We will add an option for making the map lazy load in our next release.

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You guys are the best!