Quick Question from a beginner

I just wanna ask if my site can be edited when I publish it online. and how long the site will stay live if I publish it. I got the lifetime plan.
Sorry, I just got Bootstrap a few days ago so I’m kinda new to its functions and stuff

If you have the lifetime plan, then you will be able to host for however long you want it.

If you are using the bss domain (eg: yourdomain.bss.design) then make sure to set up as Delete after Never in the dropdown

To update the site, just open it in bss and republish with your changes.
Tip: Make sure to back up your bsdesign files to the cloud

if I host it without the BSS domain can I still edit it while its online? thanks btw

Sure, you can edit your bss file anytime while your site still published.
I did this methode for https://citramanik.dev-is.my.id site, and it still live now without any trouble :")

Other best way that i can recomend to you, push your code to github/gitlab, then serve your site with Netlify or Cloudflare page, then your site will always live with no cost, no matter if your BSS license going to expired.

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I think also that clarification might be needed here on that when you edit the site you aren’t editing the online version of it, you’re editing it in a file on your computer and then when you upload it replaces what was online. Works great :slight_smile: Welcome to the forums and to BSS!