Quickly find assigned CSS Code


how can I quickly find the CSS Code that belongs to a selector?

It takes time when I work in the html window and want to see what CSS is assigned to a tag. I have a few css files in my project. Therefore I have to search through every one of them to find the assigned CSS Code.

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If you select the STYLES tab and not your CSS file it will show you all the CSS that is applied to the selected element.


Ah wonderful. Thank you.

Bonus Question: How can I see ALL CSS Code that occurs in my project all at once?

Bonus Answer: You can't.

Unfortunately it doesn't give us that ability, that would be awesome if it did, and I did request something like that when I first started using the program in order to help clean up the CSS (I'm not very trusting of external websites that are "supposed" to help clean CSS files of unused CSS). No one liked the idea so it got tossed in the trash I guess.

What a pity. Would have been a great idea.