RasberryPi Raspbian GNU/Linux

Just purchased the basic version and downloaded the image ‘Bootstrap Studio.AppImage’. Did a chmod +x on the file and when I try to execute from the command line I get “bash: ./Bootstrap Studio.AppImage: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error”. When I double click on the image in the file browser it asks if I want to execute the file and when I select YES, it does nothing".

What am I missing?

Have you tried installing libfuse2 as mentioned in the Linux installation instructions? sudo apt install libfuse2. I know that’s for Ubuntu 22 but perhaps Raspbian has a similar problem.

Thanks for the response … installed libfuse2 as suggested … no change

I am afraid that Bootstrap Studio doesn’t have a Linux build for Arm processors. This means that the app can’t run on Raspberry PI. If there is interest we may setup such a build in the future.

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I think Linux Arm build would be wonderful! I use Raspberry Pi.