Rearranging of the Panels...

This is just a suggestion of course, but I'm wondering why the Design pane isn't under the Components pane, and the Overview pane under the Options pane?

The reason I ask and suggest this possible movement is due to the fact that very few changes are actually made to the Design pane on a regular basis, and many are done using the Overview pane. Since the Overview pane needs the Options pane in order to edit a lot of settings, it would be nicer if we could just reach up above instead of having to go across the entire app to make changes to something in the Overview pane.

One large example I can give is the "Hidden" attribute within the Accessibilty area of the Options pane. This is used countless times for me and almost always used within the Overview pane and seldom anywhere else. But ... to do this I have to select the item in the Overview pane then reach across diagonally to the Options pane to make any changes.

Just would seem more logical to have the 2 that are connected the most side by side or in this case above and below each other. Just a suggestion of course, but I'd love to see this happen if possible.

I wouldn't think, for me anyways, that would be helpful when dragging and dropping components to my project. The majority of my drag/dropping is done in the Overview pane. Only smaller more direct things like icons do I drag/drop into the Layout View pane.


Hmm that's a very good point too Saj, one I hadn't thought of, but I suppose that's because I do it without thinking about it. Well hmm guess that kind of makes this idea moot lol.

That's OK Jo, we still love you... I think :P



Haha well thanks for that ... I think? LOL :P