Recent issues with App Slow Down

So, I know this has been mentioned by other users but I’ve never had issues with Bootstrap Studio previously.

However, since the latest update I have noticed the app is now much more sluggish. Previously, I could use the app without issue very seamlessly with my laptop in recommended power settings or lower.

Now, to get a useable, but still quite sluggish experience I have to have my laptop in high performance mode. This has made development hard for me since I work a lot when I travel.

Unlike other users have mentioned, even disabling the browser preview doesn’t seem to result in any performance gain and the size and number of pages in the design also seems unrelated. Editing a simple one page site is as slow as a multi page, complex site.

Things that are most slow is closing an element in the tree view.

Clicking between elements it takes 1-5 seconds for the options panel to update with the settings for each element.

My laptop is a:

Microsoft Surface Book 2
Windows 10
i7 CPU

Just wanting to report this, see if anyone else has noticed this and hear if there are some more performance tweaks in the next update. Really appreciate the developers time and effort that goes into BSS.

I am happy to share that we’ve made some optimizations so hopefully this will be resolved in the next update.

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Thank you very much @martin!