Recommendation - Allow Hide or Remove Price

A warm greeting, I would like to express and give you a recommendation for Reflow. It would be nice if they allow you to hide or eliminate the price of the item by product. Since some of us offer services, and the price usually changes. So in order not to put 0.01, because the customer later thinks that it is worth it, it would be excellent to be able to either hide the price or eliminate it by product.

Example: I am a computer technician, and there are services such as teaching computers for which the price is per hour and depends on the area. It is not a product as such that has an established price.

So I transformed Reflow into a quote, where customers quote prices but I had to put 0.01 per product and I would like the price not to appear, simply add to the cart and quote.

@martin Is it easy to do that?

Thank you very much, I am using Google translate. Excuse my English.

This is an interesting question.

If the problem is only hiding prices, this is already supported in Product, Product List and Add to Cart components.

But if the product by nature doesn’t have an established price, or if it depends on negotiations with the customer, it doesn’t seem to me that an online store is the correct approach. Maybe you just need to send them an invoice for the agreed sum which the customer will have to pay?

The detail @martin, It is that I use Reflow to also quote, for example it is easier for the client to choose the services they want and for an email to arrive with everything required. And then a separate invoice is made.

On my website I am a computer technician and I have products that have established prices and others that do not, but not to put 0.01, and they think that this service is worth that, it would be good if they allowed it.

Remove or hide the price in some specific items, so that when the customer adds it to the cart, the price is not added incorrectly.

Possibly a solution is that you allow us to put some items without a price so that when the client quotes on the page, a PDF can be sent with the prices.

For example, in various countries and more today, prices vary greatly. So setting a price without keeping stock is very complicated. It would be a good option.

Think about it is to also use the platform as a quote. Where customers can choose the items and that we can send the invoice with the prices of that day.

Of course, this option may have a problem if you want to pay directly with Paypal or Stripe, I think that is the problem. Certain?

In my case, I don’t use either of them, but that would be the problem, right?

Excuse my English, I use Google translate.

Thank you, this clarifies things! Reflow is intended for building stores - customers add products to their cart and pay at the last step. Supporting other use cases like providing quotes will only complicate the product for us and for users. Hiding prices is such a feature - it won’t be possible to checkout if you have such a product in your cart, which will lead to a lot of confusion.

We will investigate how to handle this use case in the future. Maybe we can build an invoicing tool or something else for Reflow, which customers can use to select services and see dynamically calculated prices. We have a lot of other work to do first, though.

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Thank you very much friend @martin

Sounds like something better handled with a form than a shop.