Redo/Undo follow in app

Would be really great if the Undo and Redo would allow you to follow the changes in the app. The way it's set up now, although you can undo and redo, you have no clue what you just undid or redid as it just stays where it is in the app and doesn't change in the Styles or anywhere for you to know what changes are what. The only way you can tell is if something you changed made a visible change.

This makes it almost impossible to get back to where you changed something in case you want to change it again, remove it, or add to it etc.

I'd especially like to see the Styles (even your own custom ones), Custom Code window, HTML window and so on reflect the selected item to change to whatever it just Undid or Redid. If you change a CSS tag's attributes and a few changes later you undo a bunch, it should reflect that in the CSS styles window by changing what is selected to whatever you just undid or redid.