Referencing resources more than once

I am wondering if its possible (and if so, how) to store a reference to some value. Essentially, I am making my portfolio and my navbar has my name on it. I would like to set my Heading of my page t the same name, without having to type it twice.

Kind of like a two-way binding. Same thing for images. I showcase a project and would like to reuse the synopsis and main image on the top of a page as well as on the thumbnail.

What you are suggesting seems to be a custom code or a manual process. I do not believe that such a process is worth coding to begin with.

Imaging software is available with which to create thumbnails, and heading and page names the same is typed once, then cut and paste.

I'm missing something. If you don't want to type, perhaps try voice recognition. If websites and site design are not work, then why are people on this forum making a go at it as a viable business.

There are shortcuts to learn on the way, but that all takes time. Unless someone specifically knows how to do what you are asking, you may have to do the things you do want to do for the time being.

I don't know how to do what you are asking without you paying someone else to do it for you.

Allow me to elaborate. I am a .Net programmer. Therefore my mindset is to reference data only once in a project and use that reference where I need it. If I make a multipage website, I want to add my images once. And use them repeatedly. Same goes for the modals I am using. I want to reuse the text in the modals on a new page. What I am used to is that there is a module for the modal and I can create an instance of it. Though unsure if this exists. I have made some progress though with using classes to set variables from js

Without using other programming such as JavaScript or PHP that doesn’t happen in typical website building. In the time it would take you to script up the add ones you need, you could have it all done piecework. It isn’t going to save you much time or work unless you have things that will be reused on a page over a dozen times which just doesn’t happen often. Usually it’s just easier to duplicate a component and alter the text values. That’s typically what you do as a web designer.

Having said that there are CSS attributes that can be set up for images and even text where all you would need to do is add your component, give it the class name of the image or text CSS block you want to use and then style as needed.

Doing so for images would be pretty simple as long as all places use the same settings for size etc. I would typically use a single class to put the unstyled image in and a second class with the styles for the image. That gives you lots of possible ways to set up your images with multiple style classes while using the single class to add the image.

You’ll need to do some searching on adding text to the CSS as I haven’t worked with it in many years, but I would think you can do the same setup as with the images once you find how to add the text itself.

Well, that was not any answer... I'll just make the layout I need and export my project to angular, where I can make all components I need. I'll just use BSS for the layout and do the rest in my own code. I cant seem to edit the HTML code in the editor so I cant create templates inside html to hold data.

You are already negative about it so obviously it isn’t going to matter how things are done in the app. Things don’t work the same with websites as with other languages unless you code them with addons. Feel free to do so, it can all be done within the app in one way or another. If you’re not even willing to work with it though, then there’s no point in us telling you how to do it. Good luck with your site(s).

I just realised its easier to use it for layouting, and not struggle aimlessly with something I know how to do in code with typescript.

Also, Custom code blocks work great for adding those things that aren’t easily done with the premade components and give you the ability to then add the references to your addons, etc. I guess what I’m saying is it’s all doable, just not in the way we’ve been used to with coding.

It sounds like you're wanting to build a database driven website with a tool designed to build static websites.

Yeah that sounds pretty accurate. It's just that my object oriented brain can't think about BSS in the way it should be used. I think i will use bootstrap instead and learn the css and html principles here. Not as a visual editor, but more as a css tutorial or lookup.

Thanks for starting this thread, @grimzero! This is an interesting take on building layouts. Bootstrap Studio has a concept called linked components, which might answer some of your needs. It lets you define synced pieces of markup and works across pages. It's a good fit for headers/footers and widgets like for example "Latest Projects" which you need to be the same.

These linked components seem very interesting, I will have to try this out. Sadly I cannot do so at work, especially not on my replacement laptop. I will get back to this thread when I have tried the linked components. It seems promising for sure! (I also don't have my project with me so its quite hard to work on it xD)

Yeah that will help for anything you want to be exactly the same as something else. I didn’t really think about linked components in this way. It should work great for most things, but imagery may give you a bit of problem if the page structures aren’t laid out the same. What’s also great about this is unlike master pages setups where you do all your editing on one specific page, you don’t need to do that in BSS. You can edit any of the linked components and it will automatically match any others that are in that link. It’s actually one of the most useful features of the app.

Sorry, I was not even thinking of your request in this way, but more as a dynamic setup, but either way this should solve many of your problems in this area. Good luck!

Thats exactly what I wanted, I do have to copy the paragraph describing it and the image separately. But that is totally fine. Thx for that!

Linked components are sort of like the "master page" feature in programs like Adobe Indesign, only more powerful, because you can edit a linked component on any BSS project page where it exists, and it will automatically update across all the other pages it is on. BSS implementation of linked components is flawless. I use it constantly.