Reflow as a Blog?

I have recently come across a company doing something extremely similar to the kind of functionality that I am after and it is called Quickblog. They are doing a lot of the right things but they - crucially - don’t integrate with BSS very nicely in the way that reflow does and blogflow (:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) will.

This gets a +1 from me. I’d LOVE a Bootstrap alternative for wordpress. Wordpress integration is generally a huge security hole in an otherwise excellent website most of the time. Even if the customer has to submit the blog to me to integrate into BSS via a component would be better than using Wordpress imo.

Same here. I love the idea of reblog being a thing. Being able to share your ideas and opinions on the world would be a really nice thing.

Yes please! It would be very useful!

So, I’ve seen something very interesting using Jekyll, I think if it were possible to use this methodology we would achieve great results not only for a blog, but in the future even the structure of the project in Bootstrap Studio.
It would minimize a lot of work and bring us a final result compiled in the same way, a website with HTML pages using the bootstrap framework.

Here on this topic I will give +1, I already have a lot of clients who I have to rework, add and develop their posts. If this thing doesn’t get as heavy as WordPress in its current version.

Does the friend know Jekyll?
If you don’t know, search a little, the only video reference I have is in BR Portuguese, it makes blogs as good as WordPress.

I would be interested to see how this is implemented. I use BSS to create the shell of my themes for static generators and a few WP themes (when I really have to). I am able to use the relevant parts of the HTML and insert theme into the templates needed for the generators (hugo and pelican primarily) in under an hour. I can then setup clients on DigitalOcean App Engine or AWS with little effort and zero to pennies in hosting cost.

With that creating a static site generator is not too complicated, but code maintenance and additional features are the reason I have picked the two I use. I don’t have time to do that long term. I am positive one could make a blog that utilizes the reflow now if they really wanted to, but I am really considering what the benefit would be for adding this functionality to BSS.

I think a better option would be to steal a page from or netlify cms and separate the functionality (UI/cute frontend) and the HTML. You could then use any SSG you would like to use and let those communities manage the maintenance of the code. In the last three months I have used forestry for a few clients and they never see pelican or hugo just the end product. Just my two cents and thinking out loud here. P.S. I am still a +1 on this idea, but really curious on the execution.

A good blog module would be useful

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@martin any updates on blog functionality? I’m a big fan of this idea and have a number of friends who are as well. Keep up the good work; thanks :pray:


This would be an amazing idea. Although, don’t agree with changing the pricing model. BSS current model is what sets it apart from all the others and makes it so accessible to designers and developers from around the world. We need to move away from a ‘western world’ approach to pricing. This is why so many people are upset with Adobe acquiring Figma.
But Reflow as a blog. Thumbs up


I’d love to see this functionality added. I’m no expert :slight_smile: but as the OP said, it seems Reflow acting as a CMS.

+1 for CMS integration.

I’m currently using Cockpit:

The free self hosted version is perfect for what I need - and very easy to install (just upload the files and run the install script).

Currently hand coding HTML/PHP to connect to the API - but will be having a go with BSS to create the basic site design before adding the PHP myself

THis looks interesting, thanks for sharing. I’ll take a look

I too would love to see a Blogging Solution implemented into BSS. I tried DropInBlog, but I’m not going to pay $468 each (!) year for a simple blogging solution.

Any news or updates on this, @martin ?

Did you see the earlier post in this thread that mentions QuickBlog? It’s a (cheaper) alternative to DropInBlog. Seems to have very good reviews.

Also, take a look at what @richards put together on this post…

+1 from me! A Blogging aspect to Bootstrap Studio would save some of us from headaches.

Looks like a lot of interest for a blog functionality with Reflow. @Martin Any news if that’s something you’re going to add to reflow?

I am afraid that blog hosting doesn’t make much sense for Reflow at this point. We are focused on ecommerce and subscriptions and it will be best if we don’t get distracted.