Reflow as a Blog?

Hi, I want to start out by saying that I am completely blown away by reflow and the eCommmerce functionality that it brings. It has potentially allowed me to completely rework a site that I thought was going to have to be WordPress/WooCommerce website and offer it via BSS and the sites platform.

The thought did occur to me that reflow could also be reworked into a simple blogging platform. The product list could be a blog post list and the product detail pages being the individual posts. It would seem that the ecommerce is more complicated to do than a simple blog would be.

If this were available then I would imagine a lot of small business would be completely covered off by the functionality that BSS themselves would be able to offer. At which point you could probably also move to an annual plan instead of the lifetime model, something like $59/year is still amazingly good value for what your platforms provide…

If this is not something that BSS would ever consider, does anybody know of a platform that would provide a similar functionality to what I am suggesting, “reflow as a blog”?


+1 I too would love to see something like this. I have a handful of clients that would love to do their own blogging, but using the BSS software is daunting (or they don’t know anything about software or computers in general) so they always have to send the blogs to me as updates to their sites.

This could be a real game changer for a lot of bloggers I’m betting. Especially if we could set up accounts in it for our clients (per project type thing) where they can go in and do a simple blog and add an image or 2 to it.

I like the idea! And @joroson has a good point that all the basics are already in place with the shopping cart system. Love the idea, hope it’s something doable. :slight_smile:

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We would prefer to keep Reflow focused on Ecommerce, but if there is interest we can add blogging support in the future. If others wish to have this functionality added, write in this thread to have your voice heard :).


Absolutely :smiley:, I didn’t mean add it into reflow per se. But a blogging platform that is similar to how reflow works would be awesome :star_struck:

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+1 Sorry I didn’t clarify that either, but I also was thinking “similar” to how Reflow works, but separate. Glad to hear it’s a possibility. Hopefully others will chime in too. Hate to have to import Wordpress or other blog platforms which is such a job. This would be so awesome!

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+1 here too for some Blogging capacity as easy to implement as Reflow.

I’m just playing around with Reflow at the moment and it’s great. Looking forward to digital products.


Please stop with subscription suggestions. One of THE most important factors (for me) in picking BSS is that you can buy the software. And, it will only harm the long-term development.

I’m not trying to start an argument, as there are services where subscription is appropriate, but we need to stop this trend where everything-is-subscription.

Businesses are --left and right-- misapplying the subscription model and it’s not an innovation, it’s a devolution of commerce. Yes, there might be some short-term (business) benefits, but it also has the customer constantly examining the value they are getting from the product. The truth is --most software subscriptions can NOT hold up their end of the bargain over time. And, this drives down brand loyalty, which is what long-term business success is built on. It is also why churn management is now been driven down to a monthly metric and a daily challenge. And, ultimately, a misapplied subscription model , will negatively impact the product development because, as the business will steer the product in the wrong direction.

Whereas, if you make a quality product and put a price on it and also offer other features that have additional revenue. This is what BSS has done and, in a time where so many software makers have gotten it wrong, I think this is what I love most about using and promoting BSS.


I think @mdonovan you are misinterpreting what is being offered as ideas for subscription. I know that I personally would pay a subscription fee (monthly/yearly/whatever) for the shop service that is offered. I wouldn’t in good faith ever expect that to remain a free service, especially if it gets all the love and care that BSS itself has gotten over the years.

I don’t think that’s an unreasonable suggestion at all. If they build on things like this which are kind of like Plugins or Extensions, it stands to reason they should be compensated for the extra work. Hell, I never expected to see this in the first place! When they brought it up a few months back I was really not expecting a lot and they’ve gone way over the top on it already I think so … give em a bit of Kudos and a few bucks to boot? Sure!

Also, the next update is gonna rock a lotta socks with the SFTP coming up in the software!
I am doing a happy dance all the way around these days … now to get that dang Sass under my belt! :stuck_out_tongue:

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For the service of hosting either the shop service or the (reflow-as) blog hosting service. Yes. Perhaps I misinterpreted that. My bad.

And, I too am looking forward to SFTP update

Absolutely. We all landed in the right place, I think :smiley:

I would never presume to tell the BSS team how to run their business. I guess I am just amazed that they are able to do as much as they can for the price that they do. Reflow and Repost ( is available, btw :wink:) must incur some hosting costs. That is what I meant. But you are right, essentially I am complaining about getting too much value from BSS, which is a silly thing to do to yourself.

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I think devs should make more features for the e-commerce thing, but for monthly subscription or one time payment, why? Cause they really deserve it just to keep improving this product even 10-25$ monthly would be cool or one time payment for 40$ or sum.

I love bootstrap studio for the fact that its one time payment, u buy it and use forever, but the e-commerce feature is so good that i think more advanced features for this should be paid like even one time for anybody who wanna make store, no forcing anybody or anything or if devs wouldnt like the idea (cause i remember they ve said in the past that they wanna keep this software as it os = one time payment) they could allow the users to donate if anybody would like to support their work to keep improving this software.

Bootstrap Studio is the best thing in web aspect i have ever met, the ui and ux is so good, and everything else and even tho i barely use BSS nowdays cause im mostly making web apps and mobile apps using react etc I still wanna this software to keep growing and improving itself so i think some side part of BSS with some service to buy or sum would be really supportive for the devs and BSS future

Definitely would find this feature useful. +1 From me.

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I also think it would be very useful.

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I believe it could be useful. Do you have any thougts on what it could look like?

Hi all, you can definitely count me in!

I used to have a Wordpress blog, but the maintenance became problematic (plugins and stuff), so I decided to keep it minimal and rely on a more “static” approach.

That said, I would definitely like to have tools to “automate” part of the blog publishing workflow. I don’t mind paying for what I consider added value!

Best regards,

I have recently come across a company doing something extremely similar to the kind of functionality that I am after and it is called Quickblog. They are doing a lot of the right things but they - crucially - don’t integrate with BSS very nicely in the way that reflow does and blogflow (:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) will.

This gets a +1 from me. I’d LOVE a Bootstrap alternative for wordpress. Wordpress integration is generally a huge security hole in an otherwise excellent website most of the time. Even if the customer has to submit the blog to me to integrate into BSS via a component would be better than using Wordpress imo.

Same here. I love the idea of reblog being a thing. Being able to share your ideas and opinions on the world would be a really nice thing.

Yes please! It would be very useful!

So, I’ve seen something very interesting using Jekyll, I think if it were possible to use this methodology we would achieve great results not only for a blog, but in the future even the structure of the project in Bootstrap Studio.
It would minimize a lot of work and bring us a final result compiled in the same way, a website with HTML pages using the bootstrap framework.