Reflow Category can't link

Sorry, English is not my mother tongue, I haved try to use this

I have created a category list parts then has correctly show my category , but I can’t click in to the choice of category
Is there any wrong?

At the moment you have the links going to : /products.html?category=1001411593

you will need to create a new page called category.html, on the page include a div with:


then have your links going to: /category.html?category=2074828114


@richards Thanks your reply

But I have create a category.html and put the category-list in page,then set links to /category.html?category=2074828114
It’s also can’t correctly display
Can you help me again?

The ?category= would be followed by your category number

2074828114 is just the example given in the reflow documentation

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Oh I am so stupid :sweat_smile:
Now is correctly display , I am very grateful to you

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