Reflow Dimensions

I’ve been trying to look on the Reflow website but not finding an answer. What are the ideal dimensions for each of the category listings? The pictures that are uploaded into Reflow are usually cropped in bootstrap templates and I can’t find a way to fix the dimensions.

Any help is appreciated and if need be I will elaborate on these issues if it doesn’t make sense!

Do you mean what the dimensions/ratio of the product images you upload should be or something else?

Thanks for the reply!

Yes, what is the ideal dimensions for the pictures for each module.

When using the templates the longer pictures aren’t able to be resized and get cut off, so I’ve been manually adjusting them y end but it’s been pretty much trial and error to get them to fit, which does work thankfully! Just hoping to get an idea to optimize.

Appreciate it!

This is a picture that’s cut off on the top and bottom

Any updates on how to ensure an oversized picture is kept within the containers? They are bleeding over still.