Reflow Duplication Of Products Button

@martin Hi Martin. Just getting my head round the ecommerce. Would it be possible to have a button in the product section where you could duplicate a product. Once duplicated it would then be easy to change whatever needed changing for the duplicate product if you get my drift.

+1 that would be a very good addition.

@jo-r Hi Jo. I’ve been dabbling with the thought of selling some of my used possesions. I’ve got more fishing gear than you can shake a stick at and most of it hardly ever gets out the spare room. Lol

This is what I’ve put together so far as a tester. The only ecommerce bits in the fishing gear page. :grinning:

Selleo eCommerce Tester

Cool, thanks of that share @floydmanfloyd! I messed with it just a little bit the day it was release, just to get an idea of how it worked. I have a craft item that I’ll be putting that to use for myself as well, and I’m sure it will be awesome for some of my current clients as well as new ones. Just love where BSS is taking me! :slight_smile:

In reflow you can now filter by category, duplicate an item and add a discount coupon. Nice, Thanks the devs. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: If there’s one more thing you could add, that’s being able to apply the discount coupon to one or more products. :ok_hand:

+1 and I’d like to stretch that just a little if at all possible to allow for date ranged discounts so we can set a range of dates and on the last day of that range it would turn that coupon code off. I have that ability with the Machform form system and I and my clients that sell items really like that they can turn off a coupon code on a specific date.

Thank you for the suggestions! We will be enhancing the coupons in the next updates.