Reflow Import/Export

Talking about Reflow, it would be cool to be able to populate a store from a CSV file (i.e. import) and reciprocally generate a CSV file (i.e. export). As common use case (I intensively used a platform like Shopify in the past since I produced a desktop software connected to it for 600+ shops), it could allow to move a store from an account to another one. For big stores, it could ease and short the creation of the products since we would be free to create the CSV file the way we prefer (by hand, programmatically, delegated to a virtual assistant, from another store on another platform, etc.)…


Thank you for the suggestion! Importing/Exporting products would indeed be a great addition. We will work on this in the coming months.


Thanks! In addition – to encourage you to do so --, the possibility to export to CSV (a well known format for non-dev people, while JSON sounds a little tech oriented) could save you from any complaint in case of lost… Since anyone will be able to backup his/her store content easily.

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Hello @martin Please if you develop this features on your roadmap, use Google Shopping Products specifications it’s can be usefull for SEA and for structured datas.

Thanks again for all your works, BSS is very very GREAT !! I don’t want use CMS right now.