Reflow Product meta tags/Twitter cards/SEO

Really digging BSS + Reflow. One concern I have is that I don’t think it’s possible to add meta tags to product pages. I noticed that sites like Facebook don’t unfurl the page for the post preview. Probably because FB doesn’t render the JS. Googlebot seems to render the JS just fine. (Whew!)

My only solution right now is to export the site. Change the file extension to php or cfm (can we change the extensions in BSS?) and call the API for the product to add the meta tags to the page before being sent to the browser.

Any other solutions out there? Thanks!

I normally create a batch script to make those changes after each export. “Export Settings > Advanced”

You create static pages for your Reflow projects? That was actually the suggestion that Martin had using a static site generator. He said they have a tutorial coming out soon. Not sure if there’ll be a BSS integration.

Oh, wait, I see. :grinning: … I just read the docs on the Advanced export and you probably meant that’s how you change the file names. Thanks for the tip! This is probably how you can call a static site generator to create static product pages. Although, I like the dynamic API call better.

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Would you share the link of the docs you read?

Hi Rania,

Sorry. Did you still need this: Exporting | Bootstrap Studio

No, i mean script to call a static site generator to create static product pages

In an email, Martin said he’s working on a tutorial.

ho, ok, thanks for info