Reflow Reoccurring Payments

BSS and Reflow are awesome and I have greatly been able to help out a non-profit animal rescue with the two! Is there a way to create reoccurring payments, if not, might this be a feature in the future?
They have some donors who would like to send a donation every month, and they would like to just “set and forget”.
Thanks for the great product!


In Stripe Checkout, you can create a recurring product. I’m using it for membership with fixed monthly price, but I don’t know for a more complex context with a free amount (unless you fix different fixed levels of donation).


However, of course, it would be cool to be able to manage this kind of cases from within Reflow, since, for now, you have to provide any recurring payment separately (ie. outside of the notion of cart).

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That is helpful, thanks elroot! :slight_smile: