Reflow Translation

Hey Guys, lately there has been alot of conversation about translation of Reflow uneditable elements, like buttons, stock text and many more.

Alot of people having trouble figuring it out and if it’s possible in performance way.
As most of us know, BSS community most likely is based on non-programmer people so they’re having even worse time figuring it out.

I sit down and coded the translation aka re-texting all reflow uneditable texts which I knew that are uneditable and below is video of the current results(remove button is not translated yet, since i would like to refactor the code anyways)

The method doesn’t use anything like intervals etc. and it doesn’t block the stack of js engine.
Tomorrow I’m gonna refactor the code and re-write it in typescript.

I picked up showcase category cause it felt the best for my thread

Here’s showcase video and that it does works :slight_smile:
Reflow translation video

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Just to mention that official translation support is coming, but we have a few higher priority features to do before then.

The results in your video look good. I wonder how you’ve managed to do it. I’ve seen some Reflow users copying the reflow.min.js as a local file and modifying the source code with their own language. This is a bad idea, because it means their reflow.js gets frozen in time and doesn’t receive bug fixes or new features.


Lovely! I personally don’t use Reflow I just used it to help one person with some stuff around it, but also wanted to translate these elements that are uneditable for now, just for fun!

Thank You! the method is incredibly simple, but really effective and doesn’t really block anything in the page, basically I’m using Observables, each page has different observable(product, cart shop etc) and they’re observing for reflow components to render, but before they will be visible on the screen the text is “switched” to that one picked by me, that’s why my text is visible immediately without any tricky tricks like setIntervals etc.

I wouldn’t ever thought about using reflow.min.js and playing with it, hah

There’s any date/time for the official translation support coming?

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