Reflow with Custom Payment Not Redirect to Success/Cancel Page

Hi all,
When i use Reflow with custom payment, after the client get the payment info the page not go to anywhere. I mean, the user still stay in this page

So the redirect page when success/canceled is useless.
The question is, Is it possible to redirect this page into success/cancel?
Or maybe we need some extra button here to redirect them manually?

I hope you get my point :")
Thanks before

Thank you for the report and screenshot! This is by design, it is assumed that if you have instructions set, they will take the role of the Success page. If no instructions are set the page is redirected to Success automatically.

Since the payment may not have been made by the user, redirecting them to the Success page will be incorrect in a lot of cases. Maybe we need to add a “Back to Store” button after the instructions? Looking forward to your feedback on this.

Yes, at least need “Back To Store” by default please, to make user what should they do next.

oot, I just think to add upload payment receipt field there, so the buyer can send the receipt from custom payment quickly haha

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