CMS For BSS using Strapi for E-Commerce Site

Hi, this is my latest wip e-Commerce site built with BSS + Reflow for eCommerce + and Strapi for general CMS. Please take a look here: Bethary_id

General view

Why Strapi?

It’s easy to use and totally free with rich customizable feature. In this case, i can say that this site is build with very less budget. You can deploy Strapi in your own server, or use some platform like Heroku (my recomendation), vercel, etcm you can see all the deployment option here

Combining strapi with BSS not too difficult, but of course you need basic knowledge about javascript. The plus point is, i can check teh page result directly form BSS live preview without exporting it first :")

About Reflow

This is simple and powerfull e-Commerce management. Again, thanks to all dev behind this service. When building Bethary site, i found some problem that maybe can be next update for Reflow.

As we know, that reflow feature in BSS is linked to our Bootstrap account. So, it be a bit problem when i wanna integrating other reflow account, i.e for my client. Will be better, if in Reflow setting, there are a field to enter custom Reflow Store ID, so it can get data from client reflow store without pain.

Some Custom Part

I make some custom part in Bethary site,

All the content is managed in Strapi, so it’s editable.
Finally, please feel free to give your opinion about this project.



I add some updates to this project, you can check here

For me, it’s a proof that you can use Bootstrap Studio for create and manage dinamic content, including ecommerce content, by connecting bss with Reflow and Strapi