Reinstall App on and upgraded PC.

Hi BSS Support, I upgraded my PC laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I had some software not compatible with Win10, so I needed to hold on to Win 7 for much longer than I wanted. Any way, I purchased the Lifetime License of Bootstrap Studio earlier this year. I previously used 2 Licenses on the same PC laptop (for 2 different profiles on the same PC, when it had Windows 7). However, I do not just want to install it then find out I waste another License.

That said, my question is How can I reuse my License Key for the same PC laptop computer I originally installed it on which now has Win 10 - it would be a reinstall basically. I tried to read through some responses and did a few searches, but couldn't find an appropriate or similar question or response.

I appreciate your help.



Check the Tutorials (top menu) or the FAQ (in the footer). There's a section that addresses this directly right in the Basics section. :/

I never said thanks. I was off BBS for a while. Any ways, its been a while, but for what it’s worth, Thanks!