Remove active attribute on link ?

I have 2 Nav Item which have the attribute active and I'm trying to remove these attribute however it's locked and I don't find the property of the link to remove the active attribute

Hiya mroussel,

Navs are a bit goofy in that we think we need to adjust the "link" but in reality it's the Nav Item we need to adjust (you may have that worked out already too). What we do in BSS is adjust it in the Options pane in the top right. When you click on a Nav Item in the overview tree you will then see a little toggle in the Options pane to toggle the Active state on and off. Hope that helps :)

Ah great. Thank you so much !

Oh and in the case of a DropDown not in a Nav Item. I don't have this flag. Should I place the dropdown inside a Nav Item ? Because if I do it breaks the layout

This is what it looks like if I put my Dropdown inside a Nav Item Produits is the dropdown

enter image description here

Interesting. After I added the dropdown inside the nav item, the active went away then I put it out and now I'm fine ;)