Remove Components and ..


i have just tested some components in my project and removed them, but they still are linked in the header(css) and the footer (js).

How to remove them IN the software?


When you're testing, it's best to hit UNDO when you want to remove a component you just tested. Most of the time you know right away if that component will be used so there's no sense in adding a bunch at a time and then just deleting them all, since as you see you will have a bunch of cleanup to do.

So ... best practice when testing is to add a component, check it out as you need to, then UNDO so it removes it all as if it was never added. This cleans up everything.

In your case if you're unable to do this, you will need to remove the JS and CSS manually that was added by the component. Another reason why the above is the best way to handle it is that you don't have to figure out what files go with what. Thankfully, most of them are named pretty much for the component they went with if they were things you added.

Hope that helps!

Hello Jo,

ok, I got it, but this won't help me in my project anymore. So there is no way to "clean it up" by hand and continue working with the software? everything will be added on every export again.

Thank you anyway

Hi again,

or is there a way to edit the header manually in the Software, so that is removed complete? The same would be also nice to have to it "edit" the bootstrap.css.

Thank you

Yes, you go in and delete it from the JS and CSS sections of the Design pane. What happens is that whenever you add a new component (most especially those that have special javascript code that helps them run or are heavy on CSS markup), it adds in files in your CSS and JS sections as well. You need to go into those areas and delete the files that go with the deleted components. That is all you need to do and that will remove them from the Head of the pages.

Hello Jo,

that's what I wanted! Thank you for the help!

Is there a way to also edit the locked bootstrap.css?

Have a nice day

Just click the little dots for any CSS you want to change that is default and choose duplicate. Edit the duplicated one and it will override the default. Much better practice to do it this way as you don't lose the original settings in case of issues or wanting to just go back. :)

Why editing bootstrap.css file ?!? this is not a good practice ! - you won't be able to charge it from a CDN (much faster) - you won't be able to easely update your bootstrap version.

Much better practice is to add your style and modification to another CSS file... BSS is working like that by defaultt, using a "style.css", loading after the bootstrap one, so every change override the bootstrap css ones.

Umm, that's what I said Larsene lol, copy the default CSS and edit the copy, not the default so that it overrides the default (not overwrites :P)