Remove css import in new pages

When I create a new page all CSS files are included in HTML and is not possible remove.

I would concur that I'd like the ability to say what files will be referenced on each page and not have the "all" referenced on all pages. This would be for all files not just CSS.

@Imnfigueira: This is not possible at this time, hopefully in the future we can remedy this. In the meantime you can remove the unwanted files from the Head/footer areas manually on export, just remember to do that each time you export. I "think" they are working on something to work with this, but I didn't quite understand what they were talking about so I'm unsure if this is part of it.

Any news on this feature? I also want to remove some CSS imports on some HTML pages.

Hi all,

this is an ABSOLUTE MUST for BStudio. If you use different CSS files for each page (as you are kind of forced, if you download code and drop it on the page), all the css files enter in conflict and affect even other pages you already worked out. It can become a nightmare to keep all your html files in order; and to fix this, you need to generate all the html and then open the code in another editor to comment or delete the css reference that are not used. Why?

Please consider adding this as a feature in the immediate next release. It could be as simple an unobtrusive as a check-mark next to the file name in the 'Design' section, so you check or uncheck whether that css/js/etc. file is "active" in the page you're working. In the generated code, you could just comment or uncomment the file reference in the <head> of the html file.

Thanks for working on this incredible tool; it has truly transformed my workflow and I am very grateful for it...but please, WE NEED THIS