Remove everything but HTML/CSS

Hi, for my exams in 3 weeks i need to build a website in HTML/CSS, but without the scripts. Is there an easy way just to get the usefull HTML/CSS without scripts and lines i wouldn't use. It doesn't even need to be responsive.

Thanks in advance!

I think they expect you to have “learned” to code in those languages. Not use a visual drag and drop tool. But hey I am old school maybe there easy going in class these days.

what are they teaching you in school for your exams? as i wouldn't bother taking the exam if not able to create some simple html and CSS.

I agree with the others, you're using BSS to make anything at all is basically not teaching you anything about what it is you're trying to learn. BSS is based on lots of things and it's going to give you all the files no matter what.

Code your site, learn what you're supposed to learn so you have a better clue what to do later in BSS!

P.S. Congrats on the site you built (from your other post)! I hope you're learning something from it, but truly you should be doing it without tools like this. A regular HTML Editor would be more beneficial to you than a Drag and Drop (does it all for you) program.