Remove gutters between columns?

Hello alll, I was wondering if there is a way to remove the Gutters between the Columns.

Edit the CSS (copy it from the main CSS to your custom CSS while in the app).

You can try something like this. Just add this CSS and add the class no-gutter to which ever .row you want no gutters. {

.no-gutter [class*="col-"] {

I think when we get Sass support, you'll be able to import the modified Sass from bootstrap Sass tool where you can modify the Sass variables and set the @grid-gutter-width to 0.


Thank you every one for the help

Thanks for the tip @saj! Indeed, when we introduce support for SASS, this would be as easy as importing a modified bootstrap source file. A workaround right now is to generate a custom bootstrap.css with the gutter removed (alongside all other modifications that you might need), and import it as a custom theme.