Remove License

if i format my pc and reinstall boostrap studio, soo will be TWO licenses in use???

I am also interested in this. I found the Help | Delete License Key menu option, which apparently will free one key. In the case of reinstalling, I would guess you must perform this step before reformatting.


I also have this issue, I switched to another laptop, because previous got HDD broken. So I surely couldn't remove the license. So now when I tried to enter my license, it wouldn't accept. If there could be some feature on website to control your license.

Thanks, Nikola

Thanks for starting this thread! There are two ways to control licenses in Bootstrap Studio:

  • You can use the Help -> Delete License option to remove your key from the current Bootstrap Studio instance.
  • You can use Help -> Manage Devices to disable the other instances that you don't have access to any more.

In both cases, when you remove a computer it will free up a slot so you can install Bootstrap Studio on a different one.